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Being a city with a rich history, Arkhangelsk can boast a large number of tourist attractions: museums, theatres, historical buildings and monuments. Arkhangelsk is Russia's first sea port. It was founded by Ivan the Terrible. Peter I came here often. Trade with foreigners was actively conducted here. Arkhangelsk is also called the "Gateway to the Arctic".

What to see in Arkhangelsk? The most popular tourist attractions include Gostiny Dvory, Prospekt Chumbarova-Luchinskogo, the Red Pier, the Great Patriotic War Victory monument, the Lutheran Church of St. Catherine, Arkhangelsk Regional Drama Theater named after M.V. Lomonosov and many others. It is said that it is better to get to know the city on foot, slowly passing through its streets and alleys, because the face of each city and its fate are manifested in details. Many tourist attractions of Arkhangelsk can be explored in a short time, if you take a walk around the centre. The city centre is certainly one of the most interesting places in Arkhangelsk. If you do not have much time, the things you have seen will be enough to "feel" the spirit of the city. The "audio tours" section, where you can find a tour of the city centre, will come in handy. This section is convenient to use on the phone if you take a stroll without a guide.

You can start getting acquainted with the tourist attractions of Arkhangelsk from the place where it was founded: Cape Pur-Navolok. Since the city was built as a port for receiving foreign ships, numerous shops appeared along with residential buildings, and most importantly - a merchant court. Centuries ago, merchants stored goods and did business here. Now there is a museum with numerous exhibitions in this building. Nearby you can find the "Zero Verst", the Monument to Peter the Great, and a little further away - the Red Pier, where the expeditions to the north used to start from. After having walked down the Pomorskaya Street towards the centre we will find ourselves on the Prospekt Chumbarova-Luchinskogo, a kind of open-air museum. Here you can find traditional Arkhangelsk houses and amusing sculptures from Stepan Pisakhov's fairy tales. The obelisk "North", and the sculpture "Pomor with a deer", as well as the monument to Lenin, reminiscent of the Soviet past are located at Lenin Square. As you can see, during such a walk you can explore a lot of tourist attractions of Arkhangelsk without spending much time.

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