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The Peter the Great Technical School Building (The Brandt house)

      The Peter the Great Technical School building (the Brandt house) is one of the greatest stone buildings dating from 19th century in Arkhangelsk. It is typical for Arkhangelsk architecture: it is decorated with a portico formed by Doric columns. Today, this building hardly resembles an industrial facility despite the fact that such was its initial purpose. Wilhelm Brandt, one the most powerful businessmen around, built a sugar factory in 1826 and began to supply the entire northern part of Russia with his goods. Brandt  purchased raw materials for his sugar factory in Southern Africa. He also owned two dockyards, a rope factory, timber mills in Arkhangelsk and Onega. Such broad work enabled Brandt to become the richest person of his time – he owned one fourth of all of Russia's assets. He financed the expedition of P. Pakhtusov to the coast of Novaya Zemlya. It is not mere chance that a cape and a bay on the eastern cost of the archipelago are named after Wilhelm Brandt.
      At the end of the 19th century the building of former sugar factory was retooled for the Technical School named after Peter the Great. During the Soviet period the Institute for Scientific Research was housed there, and now it is home to the Regional Administration Department of Justice and the Oktyabrsky Regional Court. 

Address: 112, Northern Dvina embankment