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Arkhangelsk Regional Museum of Local Lore

     The birth of the oldest museum in Arkhangelsk – the Regional Museum – is thought to spring from the year 1837. Nowadays the museum collection is comprised of about 250 thousand items. The most interesting collections are devoted to archeology and ethnography of Northern peoples, to the history and culture of the region from ancient times through today, the history of the development of the North, Arctic exploration, and shipbuilding; the natural science collections are of special interest.  Museum expositions and exhibitions are housed in two buildings: at Lenin square, 2 in the Museum-Exhibition Complex “Merchant Yard” and, on the Northern Dvina embankment, building 86.  The exposition “Nature of the Northern region” and several exhibits are displayed in the museum building on Lenin square, 2. The authors of the exhibition “Yield Socialism!” use the Arkhangelsk region as an example, where prosperous peasants and their families, people from western Ukraine and Belarus were deported in the end of 1930-s proving that industrialization would be impossible without using forced labor most extensively. The exhibition “Everything for the front. Everything for the victory!” is devoted to the Great Patriotic War times. At the Museum-Exhibition Complex “Merchant Yard: in the restored chambers of Russian Merchant Yard you can find permanent expositions such as: “The History and Culture of the Pomor land over the 16-17th centuries”, “Church and Monasteries in the North” and other numerous exhibitions. 

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Address: Lenin square, 2, the museum-exhibition complex “Merchant Yard”, Northern Dvina embankment, 86

Schedule: All Year Round