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The Bulychev  Hospice House  

      In the 21st century the word “hospice” sounds unusual, but 100 years ago there were at least three facilities of this kind in Arkhangelsk. “Hospice is a charitable house caring for the ill, the lame and the incurable poor. It is God’s home, God’s refuge” – the definition  given to us in Dal’s dictionary. In 1891 an Arkhangelsk merchant and three-generation honorary citizen Pavel Afanasievich Bulychev submitted an official request to the City Duma to allow him to build near the Kuznechikha Cemetery a 50-bed stone hospice house for “the old and needy women of all classes” equipped with services for the residents, a garden and vegetable garden in memory of him deceased wife Vera Egorovna. In 1905-1906 the hospice house was built using the design of Architect G.K. Ivanov.  It has a five-domed church and a bell tower, and later it was called Bulichevskaya by the natives. The institute for old and needy people was widely famous before revolution, but in 1920 is was nationalized. Today the building is occupied by the Regional Military Commissariat. 

Address: Suvorova str., 35

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