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Child and Youth Art Palace

      The Palace of Creation for Children and Youth is a “town for children” on the Northern Dvina embankment that hosts many events for children. Here you can visit two entertaining exhibitions: “Old Arkhangelsk” and the “City of butterflies”. In the “Old Arkhangelsk” exhibition hall you can find a model of Arkhangelsk of the end of the 19th – beginning of the 20th century which reflects the architectural style of Arkhangelsk  during  that time period.
      The “City of butterflies” zoo  invites you to visit an exhibition of tropical butterflies and admire these fluttering exotic beauties.
Together with butterflies in the zoo live turtles, frogs and the whole flock of birds: brilliant, zebra-like, Japanese, rice finches and canaries.
      They are making nests, looking for their chicks and periodically filling the zoo with their amazing sing song!

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Address: 73, Northern Dvina embankment

Schedule: All Year Round