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A Monument to B. Shergin

      An old man is sitting on the edge of a chair telling a folk tale. The storyteller’s hands are sending the word to people; with his bare feet he is absorbing the power of the Pomor earth. Pomor folk tales are raising at his feet – Pomor ships are running over the raging sea, wooden houses and churches are towering proudly, and the Saints Archangel Michael and Nicholas the Miracle Worker are protecting the Pomor land. Boris Shergin lived in Arkhangelsk from 1893 till 1922. His father, who was a third-generation sailor and ship craftsman, passed on to him the gift of storytelling and a passion for all kinds of “art”; his mother turned him on to folk poetry of the Russian North. He spent most part of his life in Moscow, but perhaps nobody narrated about  Arkhangelsk as expressively and warm as Boris Shergin did, and for this reason he was called The Singer of the Russian North. The uniqueness of Boris Shergin’s creative works is in the mixture of literature and folklore in his work. The cartoons based on B. Shergin’s tales “Vanya Datskoy”, “The magical ring” and “Pronka Greznoy” bring pleasure not only to children, but also to adults with their unique, pure and imaginative language.


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