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“Zero Kilometer” Milestone Marker

      Since the time of Peter the Great the  milestone marker near the city post office has been designated as kilometer number “zero”. The distance to many population centers began being counted from this marker. Many cities now have "zero miles" milestone monument markers. In Arkhangelsk this “Zero verst” - a monumental and artistic marker -- is the starting point to all the auto roads in Arkhangelsk. This marker hints of old-fashioned verst columns and spires of Petrine palaces. On the sides of the column there are inscriptions showing distances between Arkhangelsk and Moscow, Saint-Petersburg, sister-cities of Arkhangelsk and some of the capitals of the Arkhangelsk region. 

Address: In the median strip at the intersection of Voskresenskaya str. and Troitsky pr., in front of the Central Post Office.