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Museum of Voronin Maritime Institute

     It is the oldest maritime museum in Arkhangelsk. The museum was opened in March, 1971; its opening was coincided with the 190th anniversary of Voronin Maritime Institute.
The first exhibit, dedicated to the history of maritime education in the North, was about the history of the Institute starting from the Nautical School which was opened by the decree of Empress Catherine II on March 23, 1781.
     In 1974, the second hall of the museum with an exhibit dedicated to students of the school was opened. For the new exhibit, personal belongings, documents and photographs were collected. These materials formed a basis of the book "The Oldest Nautical School" by K. Bursin and G. Popov published in 1976.
     Over the years, thousands of people have visited the museum. Schoolchildren and students, cadets of the naval cadet corps are regular guests of the museum.
     First-year cadets get acquainted with traditions and history of the Institute in the museum halls before solemn oath taking.


Address: 111 Northern Dvina Embankment, Office 427