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Stella “A City of  Military Glory”

      “City of Military Glory” – this honorable title was bestowed upon Arkhangelsk on December 5, 2009 “for the courage, persistence and collective heroism demonstrated by city defenders in the battle for freedom and independence for the Motherland” (text of the President’s Decree). According to Decree of the President of Russian Federation a stella must be erected in each city honored with this title.
      Stella “A City of Military Glory” in Arkhangelsk is a 12-meter high granite column which is topped by a gold-plated Imperial eagle – the national emblem of Russian Federation. The pedestal displays the text of the President’s Decree, granting Arkhangelsk the title of “A City of Military Glory.” Affixed to the lower part of the column are symbolic ship bows, signifying that Arkhangelsk is considered to be “The City of Military Glory.” This is what differentiates this stella from similar ones erected in other “Cities of Military Glory.” Bas relief on the sides of the pedestal depict the milestones in Arkhangelsk's military history. 

Address: Northern Dvina embankment, near Svoboda str.