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Sharvin’s Residence (State Regional Youth Theater)

      This low wooden building with beautiful facades is the only preserved residence on Troitsky prospect and is one of the oldest wooden buildings in Arkhangelsk. In 1852 it was built by an English merchant named Charles Renny, and prior to the revolution it belonged to an important businessman named Nikolay Sharvin. In 1911 it was fashionable to use facades.  In 1918-1919 the residence housed the apartment and offices for the head of Supreme Headquarters and the Interim Government of Northern region --N.V. Chaikovsky.
      Currently, the State Regional Youth Theater operates out of  in the restored building. Here is a little cozy hall that seats 100, though no box seats, and the chairs are not affixed to the floor. In Arkhangelsk it is often referred to as “the Panov Theater” and that is no accident. Viktor Panov is its creator and art director. The experimental studio was born in 1975 and went through several re-organizations, but in 1991 it earned the status of State Theater. “Panov’s people’s” performances have had great success, sometimes provoking discussion, but the hall has always packed with large audiences. The Youth Theater participates in theater festivals in Russia, France, England, the Netherlands and Germany.
      In 1989, V. Panov organized a street theater festival in Archangelsk for the very first time. Since then, at the end of June during the time of the White Nights, the performances are held all over -- in parks, in squares and along the waterfront. The festival has even become international: street troupes from Australia, English, Germany, Italy, Belgium, Spain, Poland and France participate.

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Address: 9, Logionov Str.

Schedule: All Year Round