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A Monument to M.V. Lomonosov

      This is the first monument in Arkhangelsk and the first monumental memorial to a Great Russian Scientist. However, Ivan Petrovich Martos, a famous sculptor of the early nineteenth century, a classicist, saw Lomonosov not so much of scientist as he did a  poet. Scientist-Erudite, the first Russian academician, a peasant's son, the Pomor is shown as an ancient poet: dressed in a toga, he is standing on the Northern hemisphere where the word “Kholmogory”  is inscribed and the winged “Genius of mind” is giving him a lyre. Lomonosov is shown without his traditional wig, his look is fastened on the sky – he is awestruck by the northern lights and cannot but praise this natural wonder. The monument was created from proceeds collected from all over Russia. Donations were made by Nikolay I, Sofya Rayevskaya (Lomonosov’s granddaughter), Arkhangelsk citizens, scientists, painters, and students. The pedestal is made of pink granite. This monument to Lomonosov in Arkhangelsk was unveiled in 1832, but changed location several times. Now it is situated in front of the main building of Northern Arctic Federal University. 

Address: Northern Dvina embankment. Near the main building of NArFU