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Monument to Public Payphone

     In Arkhangelsk, the first public payphones were installed in August 1904, just a year after their appearance in Russia. For 100 years, public phones have been one of the most popular types of communication in Arkhangelsk and the Arkhangelsk Region.
     The installation of a payphone as a monument is a kind of tribute to the telephone communication history in Arkhangelsk. Now, citizens and tourists can freely use a retro payphone. At any time of a day, you can call subscribers in Arkhangelsk and the Arkhangelsk Region free of charge.
     With the development of telecommunication technologies, public payphones lost their importance. The last payphone AMT 69/2 was taken out of operation in 2004.

Address: Chumbarov-Luchinskiy Str, by Pisakhov's sculpture