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The A.A. Borisov Museum of Artistic Development of the Arctic

      The A.A. Borisov Museum of Artistic Development of the Arctic was located in the architectural monument called “The Trade Building with a Coach House” (1897) which is part of  the Shingarev-Plotnikov City Manor. It is still under restoration, but in 2002 the exhibition “The Artist of Eternal Ice” was opened to the public. A unique collection of Alexander Borisov’s works, containing more than 400 masterpieces, is the centerpiece of the exposition.
      Alexander Alexeevich Borisov – an artist of international fame, and a student of the very famous landscape painters Ivan Shishkin and Arkhip Kwindgy – was the first who landed in the Arctic Circle with his paints and brushes and started painting on plain-air this land of eternal cold and ice. In the beginning of the 20th century Borisov’s exhibitions were extremely successful in America and Europe, the King of Norway awarded him a highest medal. More than 60 works by A. Borisov are now at the Tretyakov Gallery.
      One of the museum halls is devoted to the art of an authentic northern painter – Tyko Vylki. Here you can also see pictures by Stepan Pisakhov (1879-1960). Pisakhov’s talent of a landscape painter was revealed in the images of North: his pine-trees on the cost of the White Sea has become as common as Levitan’s birches. 

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Address: Pomorskaya str., 3

Schedule: All Year Round