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A hotel for foreign sailors

      This three-story brick building was built in 1914 under Engineer S. Petz's modern style design. This is one of the most expressive buildings in Arkhangelsk. The decor of the main entrance is especially ornate: the façade of the building above the windows of the third floor is decorated with floral ornaments and smooth lines typical for modern style. Yet another aspect typical for modern style is the curved attic in the center of the main facade. The wall of the first floor is rustic style, while other walls are plastered. According to some sources, the building was used for some time as a hotel for foreign sailors, because large foreign vessels moored right there at the Solombalsky dockyard in the beginning of the previous century. However, the building was more likely constructed even before that as a residential home for the Makarov Merchant Family. The most famous member of the Makarov dynasty was Yakov Yefimovich Makarov.
      He began his working life as a craftsman in his father’s workshops where he repaired small steamboats, and then he branched out. He built three steamboats to transport passengers to the left bank, then their number increased and for a long time Arkhangelsk people called all the suburban traffic steamboats “Makarki”. At the end of the 19th century the businessman had a large residential home, mechanical factories and lumber mills, six steamboats and success in foreign trade. After building the Central Bath Houses he built the Uspenskiye and then the Solombalskiye ones which to this day are still called “Makarovskiye”. 

Address: Belomorskaya Flotilia str., 3