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An English World War I Tank

      A heavy tank,  the “Mark-v” is a unique showpiece of the Arkhangelsk Regional Museum. There are only 6 tanks of this model preserved in the world with two of them being located in Russia. Moreover, this is world’s only “samka” model “Mark-v” tank armed only with machine guns. The tank was produced in 1918 by the English corporation “Wickers-Armstrong” and began its service in the English army. During the Civil War it was damaged near Novorossiysk and became a trophy of the Red Army. In 1940 the tank was brought to Arkhangelsk and installed in the yard of the Regional Museum. In 2008-2009 the tank was under restoration. Now there is a pavilion built specially for it. 

Address: Troitsky prospekt, near the "Polarny" shop