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A Monument to Solovetsky Island’s Sea Cadets

      A young boy in a sailor’s uniform stands bending slightly, hunching his shoulders and clenching his fists, the wind lifting the jack of his uniform. His whole figure expresses fearful tension. This monument in its ascetic but expressive form reminds us of the history of children who served  military duty in the Northern fleet. In 1942, 6 sea cadets schools were formed, including Solovetskaya. There is a plate lying near the bronze boy’s feet enumerating the graduates from that school: the school “gave the fleet more than 4 thousand qualified specialists. More than a thousand boys died in battles for our Motherland.” Graduates from this school includes famous people such as the author, Valentin Pikul and singer, Boris Shtokolov. The location for the monument on the Northern Dvina embankment at the start of Karl Marx street was chosen by both the author of the memorial and the former ship cadet Kim Kuznetsov.

Address: Northern Dvina embankment, between house numbers 97-98, along Karl Marx str.