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The Literary Museum

      It was created by journalists Boris and Lyudmila Egorov. The first visitor to the Literary Museum was writer Vasily Belov who arrived in time for the opening ceremony devoted to the 75-year anniversary of Fedor Abramov. More than 50 thousand items are kept in the museum. Among them are manuscripts, photos and other documentaries connected with the life and work of Boris Shergin, Nikolay Rubtsov, Vladimir Lichutin, Konstantin Konichev and even Kozhma Prutkov. The museum runs a permanent exposition “Literary Pomorye. In this exposition great attention is given to Pinezhye, characters of Fedor Abramov’s books and his compatriot Ioann Kronshtadsky. The museum has a special fondness toward Pushkin as well. Direct descendants from the poet lived in Arkhangelsk for the long time and their family archive are now kept in the museum. The poet’s books written in 32 of the world’s languages are collected here. The Egorovs organize a festive occasion on the poet’s birthday: they read poems and treat visitors to birthday cake. 

Address: Volodarsky str., 10

Schedule: All Year Round