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Museum of Arkhangelsk Seaweed Factory

     The Museum of Arkhangelsk Seaweed Factory was opened in 1986. There are unique photographs of 1920-1930s, algae products, algae mining tools, and ship models. Here, visitors can learn about the methods of seaweed harvesting and the history of the factory.
     The Arkhangelsk Seaweed Factory is the only seaweed producing and processing enterprise in Russia and CIS countries. It has a long experience in the White Sea weed harvesting and processing to produce solutions, remedies, food products, biologically active additives, perfume and cosmetic products.
     Seaweed is collected by factory’s own small-sized fleet (karbas) in an ecologically clean area of the White Sea, around the Solovetsky Archipelago islands. They collect seaweed by hand using poles with various devices for capturing the thallus.
     The company offers a wide range of skincare products, biologically active additives for health, functional immune boost products, developed and recommended by specialists.

     Official website of Arkhangelsk Seaweed Factory:

Address: 328 Leningradskiy Ave.