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Railway bridge

     The railway bridge is one of the biggest architectural structures in Arkhangelsk. It is one of the biggest bridges with the vertical hoisting system in the country: its bascule span is 88 meters. The length of the bridge is nearly 2 km. 60 passenger and freight trains can move here a day. It is the only opportunity for trains to get to Arkhangelsk.
     On the bridge, there are a dual road, a single-track railway, and a pedestrian path. The road through the Railway bridge leads to Federal Highway M8. The bridge is raised at night to let tall ships pass through.
     The bridge is also attractive because of beautiful view of Arkhangelsk and the Northern Dvina. Here you can take nice photos.

Author of photos № 1, 2 and 5 - Alexandra Ilatovskaya.
Author of photo № 3 - Pavel Kononov.
Author of photo № 4 - Ivan Malygin.