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«Funny Yard» Amusement park

       The “Funny Yard” amusement park is the only amusement park in Arkhangelsk. Situated in the centre of the city, it is very popular among the residents of Arkhangelsk and guests of the city. Ever since 2008, the park has had a mascot – he is the main character and host of the park and is called "Gift (Gostinyets) the Cat". Today the park operates about 20 rides. You can find family oriented, child friendly, and extreme rides at the park. In 2012, the “Funny Yard” amusement park won an annual review competition called “Crystal wheel – 2012”. It was nominated the “Best amusement park with a turnout of 100-250 thousand people a year”. The host of the park "Gift the Cat" is always glad to greet his guests and always looks forward to visits from children and their parents.

Address: Voskresenskaya str., 3, building 2