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The Magical House of the Snowman  

      The New Year is a favorite holiday among children. Just for the New Year the Snowman and his helpers teach a master classes on making magical presents. A place where you can create miracles with your own hands is called the Magical House of the Snowman. This is a “Scientific laboratory of the Snowman” where children and adults will take part in a scientific show and grasp the laws of the outside world. Visitors of the “Scientific laboratory of the Snowman” will be able to create a fairy tale like winter and snow right in the room, paint frost on glass, turn a rose to crystal and decorate a fir-tree inside of it.  This is the “Magical workshop of a Snowman” where visitors can take part in a masters-class on making northern kozulyas (roe bucks) and unusual presents out of unconventional materials! In the “Magical workshop of a Snowman” his helpers will reveal secrets about how to make presents with magical properties. Moreover, children and adults can leave letters to Father Frost in the Magical House of the Snowman which will for certain be delivered to the addressee! 

Address: Cultural Center Solombala-Art, Nikolsky pr., 29