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A Monument to Pavlin Vinogradov

      Pavlin Vinogradov (1890-1918) was an active participant in the Civil War, and was one of the organizers of the opposition against interventionists in the North.  This monument is designed in a realistic manner traditional for the middle of the twentieth century: Pavlin Vinogradov is depicted full length, clothed in a military garb - wearing a leather jacket pulled shut with belts and with a Mauser on one hip. The exterior of the pedestal is faced with polished pink marble slabs. On the front side there is a bronze bas relief depicting a bent flag on the backdrop of which is a five-pointed star, and laurel and oak leaves symbolizing martial prowess and the immortality of this heroic deed. In August 1918, Vinogradov created and headed the Northern Dvina military fleet which fought to prevent royalists from moving into Kotlas. He was wounded to death in one of the battles. Now one of the districts in Arkhangelsk is called Vinogradovsky in his memory. The central avenue in Arkhangelsk was named in his honor. For  a long time and city dwellers nicknamed it “Pavlinovka”. Now, the square where the monument stands bears the name of this Civil War hero. 

Address: Troitsky prospekt, 53, at the square near the former cinema “Mir”