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An Obelisk to the Victims of the Intervention of 1918-1920

This obelisk is erected on the grounds of a mass grave of members of the Bolshevik Underground who were shot by royalists and invaders over the period of 1918-1920. A solemn funeral for the victims of the intervention took place on May 19, 1920. Their names are etched into bronze plates at the base of the obelisk. The front facing panel depicts bent flags and a wreath made of laurel and oak leaves – the symbol of eternal military glory.  There are two more graves near the mass grave: one belonging to P.P. Rasskazov – the author of the book “Prisoner’s Notes” who survived imprisonment in a concentration camp on Mudyug Island and later in France; the other to O. Valushis – a Latvian who was an active participant in the Bolshevik underground.

Address: Northern Dvina embankment, along the length of Karl Libknekht str.