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A Sculpture Ensemble in Honor of Saints Pyotr and Fevronia Murosky

       Arkhangelsk has become the first out of 10 cities to install a sculpture ensemble in honor of Saints Pyotr and Fevronia. According to legend, the Knight Pyotr Muromsky fell in love with a peasant woman named Fevronia, but the nobility were against their marriage because of the girl’s low stature. Pyotr and Fevronia preferred family life to throne. The married couple carried their love and fidelity to each other through many tests of hardships, and they died on the very same day and at the very same hour. The Russian Orthodox Church canonized Pyotr and Fevronia as Saints. These Orthodox Saints are believed to be the patrons of family and marriage this is why that as soon as the ensemble appeared here newly married couples began to come here and beg for blessings for a happy family life. There is one more tradition Arkhangelsk newly married couples have – the bridegroom carries his bride in his arms across a little bridge above path to the river. 

Address: At the intersection of Loginov str. and the Northern Dvina embankment, not far from Uspensky Church