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The building of engineering companies (high rise building)

     A merchant house, a stone house of “des Fontaines” (Arkhangelsk aristocrats of the French origin) and a fire station with a watchtower used to be at the place of this high-rise building. The high-rise building was constructed in 1983 in honor to 400-year anniversary of Arkhangelsk. Engineering companies and management of high constructions’ services had been placed here until 1990n and in the 90-s the building was transformed into an office block. Nowadays most of the Arkhangelsk radio studios are located here. In the beginning of 2010 there was special equipment installed at the upper floors of the building and thanks to this today people in Arkhangelsk can enjoy bright and colorful illumination at night.  Citizens of Arkhangelsk often call the building “Vysotka” or “Karandash”.

Address: Lenin Square, build. 4

Schedule: All Year Round