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St. Ekaterina Lutheran Church

      This fine pink building with a sharply pointed steeple is one of the most famous architectural monuments in Arkhangelsk. It is not by chance, that the place upon which the Lutheran church was to be built was chosen. This part of Arkhangelsk was called “German Settlement” (“Nemetskaya Sloboda”) because many German, English, French and Dutch merchants lived here. “Nemtsy” – in Russian means “dumb”, not Russian speaking – that is how people in the North as well as people in all of Russia called foreigners. Foreign merchants have played a meaningful role in trade development and forming the economic image of the city on Northern Dvina. The church building is more than 200 years old – its construction began in 1768 funded by merchants from Hamburg who had solidly settled in Arkhangelsk city. Over the course of its long history it was burnt down and rebuilt three times. During the Civil War expedition forces of the Antanta set up a field hospital here. Since 1929, it has been home to the Theater of Proletarian Youth, and later to the  Industrialization Club and a Sports School for Children. In the early 1980's, the former church was renovated. The building had preserved its wonderful acoustics, and the German Corporation “Alexander Schuke & Co.”  produced a special organ for it. Now it is the concert hall of the Pomor Philarmonia

Address: 3, Karl Marx str.

Schedule: All Year Round