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Northern Maritime Museum

      The Sea Museum was created at the initiative of sailors to be a museum for the  Northern Shipping Company, and in 1993 it was granted state status. On the Northern Dvina embankment near the Red Pier you can find a complex devoted to the sea history of the Russian North: the busts of Arctic explorers, ship canons, anchors, sounding buoys.
      The exposition of the museum tells the history of Russian seafaring in the Arctic and about polar expeditions which were outfitted  in Arkhangelsk. Other sections are devoted to famous ships and the men who created them, to the development of ship-building from a wooden boat to an atomic submarine, and to sea traditions of past and present. Special focus is given to the history of Arctic Convoys during the Great Patriotic War. The museum has a variety of models of sea vessels under its roof. More than 20 of them here – from models of Pomor fishing vessels and sailing-ships of the 17th century to atomic submarines. 

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Address: 80, Northern Dvina Embankment

Schedule: All Year Round