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A Northern Obelisk

       This is the first monument that was erected in Arkhangelsk during the Soviet period, and as it is stated on the obelisk: it was “as per the decision of the first Regional Congress of Soviets in memory of creating the Northern Territory”. The sculptural ensemble is “a Pomor with a deer” symbolizing the victory of mankind over northern nature. A high pedestal depicts bas reliefs showing the national economy of the north – timber industries, dairy cattle husbandry, sea fishing and reindeer herding.
       The idea of the monument was reflective of that time – fulfill the first five-year plan within four years. This is why the sculptor constructed a four-sided obelisk on a five-sided base. The new monument was erected in the center of the city, in front of the House of Soviets. And, in order to create some space for it, they even took down a monument to Lomonosov that had stood there previously. Despite the grandiosity of the idea, little money was allocated to it, hence the use of inexpensive materials like cement and crushed granite, and the pedestal was made of sandstone. Nonetheless, this monument is rather significant to Arkhangelsk. It can be said that the Northern Obelisk served as a national emblem, or as they say now – it was the brand for Arkhangelsk during those years when it was not accepted to bill it as a historical emblem of the city with the image of Archangel Michael defeating the devil. 


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