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The Arkhangelsk M.V. Lomonosov Regional Drama Theater

     The theater building was constructed in record time where the Trinity Cathedral stood. This once majestic church is now remembered  in name by the main avenue in Archangelsk – Troitsky prospect– and by the stone installed on its former altar in 2009 during the visit of Patriarch Kirill.
     The history of the Arkhangelsk drama theater dates back to 1932. On October 27th the performance: “On the bottom” based on M. Gorsky’s novel was performed in a specially constructed building. The theater was named after Lomonosov in November 1961, during the celebration of his 250-year anniversary. In 1964-1967 the building was reconstructed: the auditorium was changed, the façade was made of glass and concrete in the spirit of that period of  time. Thirty years later, it was again in need of repair. While the exterior of the building hasn't changed much, on the inside major changes were made – today, the regional drama theater meets all contemporary standards.
      A special page in the theater's history is People's Artist of the USSR, honored citizen Sergei Nikolayevich Plotnikov Had played over 300 roles both on the stage and in film. A great event in the life of the theater and for Archangelsk was performing F. Abramov's prose. The author was present at the premier of "Pelagia and Alki" and was pleased with the performance of the actors. The theater's  repertoire includes more than 30 performances, among which are not only classical pieces, but also contemporary innovative plays. The theater is particularly proud of its children's shows: the  rock-opera “The magical flute”, festive performances based on Stepan Pisakhov’s fairytales “Frozen Songs about Happiness”, and many others.

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Address: 1, Petrovsky Park