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The M.T. Kunitsyna Manor  

       The Kunitsyna Manor stands on its historic place. The owner of the house, Maria Timofeevna Kunitsyna, stemmed from a rich Pomor family and the  house was built in the prestigious part of Arkhangelsk on her dowry money. A residential house, a carriage house, an ice cellar, a little garden and a fence were constructed on this place in 1909-1910. Until the 1980's the house was still residential, but when the creation of the “preserved street” began, the museum “Malye Karely” bought the antique house. Though the buildings were made of larch, it was necessary to dismantle and rebuild them. From the street side the house looks like one-story building, but from the side of the yard there is also a mezzanine level with a small balcony. There were five rooms on the first floor with a big hall and office facing the prospect and windows,  a dining room and bedroom looking onto the garden. Today they have redone the interior of the office to look like the beginning of the last century, characteristic of homes typical for the Arkhangelsk middle class.

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Address: Chumbarov-Luchinsky pr., 17

Schedule: All Year Round