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The Liqueur and Vodka Distillery Building

      This complex of State wine warehouses (1899-1905) is a brilliant example of industrial architecture of the beginning of the 20th century  and still preserves its historical character today. State wine warehouses or, in modern language, liqueur and vodka distilleries appeared in Russia at the end of the 19th – beginning of the 20th  century after the “wine monopoly” was established in Russia. During those year, about 150 wine warehouses were built in total, all of them in same architectural style – of red brick and of similar design. In Arkhangelsk it was one of the largest companies -- physically, it took up an entire city block between Troitsky pr. and the Northern Dvina embankment, Permskaya str. (Suvorov str.) and Vyatskaya str. (Shubin str.). The main building that open up onto Northern Dvina embankment was built in 1901. This brick building, with its asymmetric facade, possesses a rich decorum typical for eclectics. This building has been preserved and to this day remains essentially unchanged. In post-revolutionary years it continued to operate successfully. During the Great Patriotic War, in addition to producing its traditional beverages, dry spirit was also made and this “Molotov’s cocktail» was  bottled in wine and vodka bottles. These days the Arkhangelsk Liqueur and Vodka Distillery is located here. 

Address: 120/121, Northern Dvina embankment