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A Monument to Peter the Great

      This is the most famous monument of our city, because the sculpture of Peter the Great  with the view of the Arkhangelsk port is depicted on the front of a 500-ruble banknote, dated 1977. Peter the Great is shown in full length. The wind is licking at the laps of his uniform and his officer’s scarf. Peter stands resting on a cane with his right hand and holding a spyglass with his left hand. Impulsive, decisive --  he is forward driven, and guessing by the author’s intent, he embodies the power of Russia.  A 5-m. high four-sided pedestal of the monument is cut out of a grey granite block by masters of the Solovetsky Monastery. On the sides of the base there is an inscription “To Peter the Great” and four dates: 1911 – the year they held the competition for the best base for the monument, and 1693, 1694, 1702 – the years when Peter the Great visited Arkhangelsk. The monument to Peter the Great was unveiled in July 1914 near the Troitsky Cathedral on the bank of Northern Dvina. In 1920, when Soviet power took hold in Archangelsk, the monument to Peter the Great was taken down and given to a museum. In 1950 the monument was erected again, just off to the side from where it originally stood.

Address: 82, Northern Dvina embankment, in the park