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A sculptural arrangement devoted to “Russian wives – patronesses of family hearth”

     The arrangement consists of three figures – a woman, a child and a cat. A “mistress-woman” is in the centre of the arrangement. Such women were responsible for a household while men were absent doing long field works. Pomors respected women not only as patronesses of family hearth but also as embodiments of moral values. Beauty is felt both in her apparel and behavior: even being young she maintains her dignity; she doesn’t complain of her numerous problems and work, her worries and sadness. Russian woman’s fate is to wait. To wait for her man from a stricken field, or his work – that’s why she has the Gospel on her knees. She is spinning and praying for God’s helping her betrothed to overcome difficulties at his faraway work and come back whole and sound. By the authors message a distaff and a spindle in her hands symbolize continuity of family traditions and the cat symbolizes skillful housekeeping. © Е.M.Dorofeeva  

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