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The Museum of Arkhangelsk Gingerbread (Kozulya)

     The museum was opened on April 18, 2017.
     Originally a Christmas delight for Pomors, kozulyas (gingerbread) would be used by children as play toys. Kozulyas need a specially prepared pastry, whose multiple recipes are passed on from generation to generation, and ‘zzhyonka’ (hot punch), an amber brown coloured caramelized sugar syrup. Kozulyas are usually finished with naturally coloured egg white glaze. Kozulyas are believed to protect home from evil spirits.
     The museum offers an excursion about the history and traditions of Arkhangelsk gingerbread (kozulya). Plus, you can participate in workshops. You can also buy traditional northern gingerbread here as a souvenir.

     Official website of the museum:

Address: 37 Chumbarov-Luchinskiy Ave.