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Saint Nicholas Church

      It is no accident that the place on the pier, near the moorings was the spot chosen for the Nicholas-the-Miracle-Worker church: this saint has always been reputed in the North to be a protector of sailors. Today, the Saint Nicholas church is a parish church, originally it was a part of the Nicholo-Korelsky friary which was situated in that place since the end of the 16th century. Until the beginning of the 20th century the old building of the Nicholas church had fallen into disrepair. An architect N/A/ Karetnikov became the author of a new church project. In the autumn  of 1904, the main altar was consecrated in honor of Nicholas-the-Miracle-Worker.
      The church is not big: a single-story building with a gold-plated top and a little hipped roof bell tower above an entrance. However it is very ornate: it has white facades, and decorative details of bright colors pleasing to the eye. Saint Nicholas church has one other special feature: the altar faces not to the east as is customary, but to the south, because the architect had to incorporate his new church into the perimeter of the Nikolo-Korelsky friary buildings. 

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Address: 3, Theater lane

Schedule: All Year Round