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Здание проектных организаций (Высотное здание)
<p>24-этажное здание в центре Архангельска. Самое высокое здание в Архангельской области.</p>
A two-decked American-type wheeled steamship which is the only one preserved in Russia and still in action. Chumbarovka This two-story wooden house was built in a modern style in 1912 by its owner – engineer S. Ovchinnikov. Sculptor L. Kerbel, 1988. The only science- and technology-oriented state seafaring museum in Russia. It was created by journalists Boris and Lyudmila Egorov. A branch of the State Museum Association “Art culture of the Russian North. Museum collections number over 30 thousand works of Russian art created since the 14th century. The museum exhibits the unique collections of the ancient northern icon painting and wooden sculpture of the 14th - 18th centuries, a rich collection of the Northern folk art. A true brand of the Arkhangelsk region. The school is based on a unique educational system from apprentice to craftsman. A “town for children” that hosts many events for children. The two-time winner of the Golden Mask award (National Theater Award) and participant of many theatrical festivals in Russia and abroad, the theatre stages 25 performances for children and 11 for adults, which successfully combine theatrical traditions, new ideas and forms. Sculptor R. Murdayan. 1984. Architect I. Skripkin, Constructor Y. Molchanov. 1999. Author I. Skripkin 1984. One of the oldest museums in Russia. The museum collection is comprised of about 250 thousand items. A Monument to Saint Peter and Fevronia Muromsky. Sculptor K. Chernyavsky. Sculptor I.K. Altukhov. Author S. Sukhin. 2009. Author – Russia’s honored Artist S. Sukhin, 2008. Sculptor I.P. Martos, 1829-1832, at this location since 1930. The two-story red-brick house on the corner of Vyucheysky street. A brilliant example of industrial architecture of the beginning of the 20<sup>th</sup> century. The Surkov's brewery building (1883-1913). A smart wooden building with a bay-window and carved shutters. The only preserved residence on Troitsky prospect and is one of the oldest wooden buildings in Arkhangelsk. One of the most interesting architectural monuments of Arkhangelsk, because here are all the interior ornaments from the end of the 19<sup>st</sup> century. This new cathedral will be blessed in honor of our city’s patron saint Archangel Michael. Immediately catches ones attention, both because of its size and its unusual architecture and color. The oldest of the remaining churches in Arkhangelsk. The Church of Assumption is decorated in a modern fresco technique by icon-painters from the Antonievo-Siysky monastery. Today, the Saint Nicholas church is a parish church, originally it was a part of the Nicholo-Korelsky friary which was situated in that place since the end of the 16<sup>th</sup> century. Regular church services are held there. A unique showpiece of the Arkhangelsk Regional Museum. “City of Military Glory” – this honorable title was bestowed upon Arkhangelsk on December 5, 2009 “for the courage, persistence and collective heroism demonstrated by city defenders in the battle for freedom and independence for the Motherland”. Sculptor F. Sogayan, 1993 Sculptor I. Cherapkin, Architect D. Yaskorsky 2010. Sculptor and Architect I. Skripkin, 2010. Merit Sculptor V. Mikhalev, Sculptor Y. Chernov, 1985. Architect M. Chernov, 1985. Sculptor M. Aleshenko, Architect M. Nasekin, 1960. The theater's  repertoire includes more than 30 performances, among which are not only classical pieces, but also contemporary innovative plays. The theater is particularly proud of its children's shows. Architect M.F. Kibire, 1950. This building stood in Nemetskaya sloboda and was considered to be the most prestigious public building in pre-revolutionary Arkhangelsk. It was transferred to “Chumbarovka” due to Troitsky prospect being broadened and a desire to preserve this architectural monument. This fine pink building with a sharply pointed steeple is one of the most famous architectural monuments in Arkhangelsk. An Architectural Monument  to the Merchant Yards (1668-1684). A 24-storeyed building in the center of Arkhangelsk. The highest building in the Arkhangelsk region.
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Videos about Arkhangelsk
Date with festival Arkhangelsk
The amateur video presented on the video contest “Date with Arkhangelsk”.
The International Street Theatre Festival is a real gem of the brief northern summer, when the central streets of our city turn into a unique theatre platform. Whirl in the crazy rhythms of a vibrant carnaval, feel the dancing vibe and let your emotions go free!
Winter date with Arkhangelsk
The beauty of winter Arkhangelsk charms: trees in pearly lace, houses muffled by fuzzy snowy blanket, cars and ships sleeping in white silence… And as night comes, the city drowns in the cold starry sky.
Summer date with Arkhangelsk
We invite you to the summer date with Arkhangelsk illuminated by sunlight, appareled in a gorgeous emerald-green veil of leaves, smelled of the fragrance of flowers and summer!

The official tourism website of the Arkhangelsk City Administration offers many ideas for spending time in Arkhangelsk and can help you with planning your own tour through the city.

Thinking of somewhere to spend the weekend with your children? Don’t know what to do in your free time, where to go in Arkhangelsk? You can visit the free skating rink on the Red Pier (Krasnaya pristan) – the pearl of the city’s embankment. You can experience the magical fairytale of the snowy interactive tour guided by the Arkhangelsk Snowman. Or you can go to a concert with your family. The choice is yours! In the Calendar of Events you will find the most interesting events in Arkhangelsk and get up-to-date information about them.

To set off for the private tour through the Capital of the Russian North go to the ”Audio Excursions” section of the site. There you will find three tours: through the city centre, through Solombala, a city district, and along Chumbarov-Luchinsky Avenue – the most beautiful street of Arkhangelsk. This section is set up for mobile devices: the “private guide” will lead you through the city and share the most interesting information about it with some nice tunes in the background.

Since ancient times the Russian North is believed to be the repository of Russian culture. Arkhangelsk is a prominent cultural centre of the country. Arkhangelsk ensembles have become the pearl of Pomor and Russian cultures and are renowned in Russia and internationally. There are three professional theatres in the city: the Lomonosov Drama Theatre, the Youth Theatre and the Puppet Theatre. There are a lot of museums, exhibition and concert halls, and cinemas in Arkhangelsk. Thanks to sister city relations between Arkhangelsk and the cities of Northern and Western Europe and the USA culture in Arkhangelsk is becoming more and more diverse and richer. is a great start for planning your own trip to Arkhangelsk.