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Memorial Room of Mikhail Lomonosov
Date: permanent exposition
Address: Historical-Architectural Complex “Arkhangelsk Merchant Yards” (85/86 Northern Dvina Embankment)
Phone +7 (8182) 20 92 15, ticket office +7 (8182) 20 10 14

This museum space serves as the promotion place of Mikhail Lomonosov’s scientific ideas and life journey. In the basis of this project is the integral connection of the Russian North notion and the name of the Great Scientist as well as the relevance of his ideas today.

The exposition features the authentic materials that characterise Lomonosov’s work in numerous directions: here you will find collections of scientific devices and equipment of the natural history laboratory of the 18th–19th centuries, household items and other objects of that time related to the life and work of our famous countryman.

The central exhibits of the exposition are the model of Lomonosov’s chemical laboratory and the books devoted to him.

Open: 10:00–19:00 (ticket office closes at 18:00)
Day off: Monday

Source: (official website of the Arkhangelsk Regional Museum of Local Lore)