Tourism in Arkhangelsk
About our Arkhangelsk land
Take souvenirs from Arkhangelsk!

     The deeply rooted Northern Russian folk craft traditions communicate a feeling of proximity to nature. Boundless fields and forests, rivers and seas find reflection in colour and material – in amazingly beautiful works made of wood, birch-bark, fur, leather, tissue and bone that all contain a part of northern nature.
     The Arkhangelsk Region is amazingly rich in its culture and centuries-old traditions. Skillful craftsmen in Arkhangelsk produce a variety of souvenirs and are truly inventive handling simple natural materials. They specialize in wood-carving and wood-painting, decorative embroidery, hand weaving, knitting and Kargopol clay toy making. You will find old and new patterns and unique designs that are being developed by Arkhangelsk craftsmen with their golden hands. Each item they produce renders warmth and kindness to our lives and home spaces, enlivening the interior of modern apartments, village houses and summer cottages.

     You can also visit workshops in some Arkhangelsk museums and make a souvenir by yourself.

Malye Korely, Wooden Architecture Museum offers workshops on making a famous Arkhangelsk kozulya (gingerbread). E-mail:, Website:

Arkhangelsk Regional Museum of Local Lore offers a wide range of workshops for children and adults (painting on wood, weaving, knitting, ect.). E-mail: Website:

     The only seaweed producing and processing enterprise in Russia and CIS countries is situated in Arkhangelsk. It has a long experience in the White Sea weed harvesting and processing to produce pharmaceutical solutions, remedies, food products, biologically active additives, perfume and cosmetic products. Tourists will be offered a wide range of unique kelp-containing products that include biologically active additives, perfume and cosmetic products.
     At all times diamonds have attracted people. The Arkhangelsk region is one of the two regions in Russia that mines and processes these fascinating and unique stones.  You will have a chance to purchase stones and jewelry in shopping centers of Arkhangelsk!

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