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Russian Icons

Arkhangelsk can be rightly considered a treasure trove of Christian art. Thousands of 14-20th-century art pieces are displayed in the State Museum Association “Art Culture of the Russian North”. The collection includes many unique artefacts: from Russian icons to priests’ household items.

It all began in the 60s when the Arkhangelsk Regional Museum obtained these display items. After a thorough research in the region the collection enlarged significantly. More than 600 icons were restored and are now displayed in museum complexes of Arkhangelsk, Moscow and other cities.

With the icons collection you can get a taste of the art in Pomorye and follow its formation and development. The first pieces of Christian art were produced in Arkhangelsk in the 14th century, the golden age of Arkhangelsk icon-painting was the 17th century. The exhibition visitors have a unique opportunity to see icons from every corner of the Arkhanglesk Region, including the Solovetsky Monastery and Antoniy Siysky Monastery. It should be noted that in the Russian North not only professionals painted icons, but also common people, peasants.

In the Arkhangelsk Region icons were not only painted, but also carved. Large carved icons have long been the heritage of churches in Pomorye. In the State Museum Association “Art Culture of the Russian North” you will find one of the richest collections of carved icons in Russia. So if you want to explore traditions of icon painting in Russia, visit exhibitions of the Arkhangelsk Museum Association!