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Arkhangelsk kozoolya

Small and horned,
It doesn’t turn its head
It’s crispy like gingerbread

Can you solve this riddle? Sure, it is kozoolya! Arkhangelsk gingerbread – kozoolya – is a product of folk art, its history sparks great interest among those who love folk art and crafts.

Have you ever tried kozoolya, this Northern Russian gingerbread?

Only in Arkhangelsk shops you can find authentically baked and decorated kozoolya of various shapes! Originally kozoolya was the Pomors’ Christmas treat. The dough used for the making of Arkhangelsk gingerbread is special, the recipes vary and are passed down from generation to generation. The special colour of kozoolya is obtained by adding sugar syrup caramelized until it is the colour of amber to the dough. The Northern gingerbread is traditionally decorated with icing made with whisked egg whites. Such gingerbread can be stored up to a year while remaining as tasty as they were the day they were baked. An interesting fact is that hundreds of years ago kozoolya was thought to be an amulet to protect the house.

The Kozoolya Museum opened in Arkhangelsk in 2017. The visitors of the museum can learn about the history of kozoolya-making, try kozoolya, buy souvenirs and even make their own gingerbread. For more information go to the “Tourist Attractions” section of our site. Don’t miss a chance to get an amulet for your family and friends – an Arkhangelsk kozoolya!