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Arkhangelsk Pedestrian Street

While in Arkhangelsk visitors are always advised to walk along the two pedestrian streets in the city centre. One of them is Chumbarov Luchinskiy Street, lined with typical wooden houses of the past and interesting monuments.

Almost every resident of Arkhangelsk knows and loves Chumbarov Luchinskiy Street. It is car free, cosy and historical. There are about 50 houses at it, most of them have an interesting story to share.

38 Chumbarov Luchinskiy Street, for example, is the oldest building here and the first one to be brought for preservation from another location. More than a century ago local merchants used to arrange their gatherings and festivities in it. It could accommodate up to one thousand visitors. Last year volunteers repainted the house exterior and it looks great again.

39 Chumbarov Luchinskiy Street is different from other houses due to the amazing porch with stairs. It is a copy and relates to the name of Jakob Leizinger, who used to live here in the early 20th century. Leizinger was a mayor of Arkhangelsk, photographer, and leader of volunteer firefighters, still remembered by the residents.

17 Chumbarov Luchinskiy Street used to belong to the Kunitsyns in the early 20th century. They came from a family of fishermen in the Arkhangelsk Region. Now it houses a museum where you can get a tour or a handicraft workshop.

Other highlights include:
a monument to Stepan Pisakhov (,
a sculpture ‘Arkhangelsk Man’ (,
a monument to Boris Shergin ( and others.

You are welcome to explore Chumbarov Luchinskiy Street! For the Christmas period the street is illuminated with lights and adorned with art objects.