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Arkhangelsk Museum of Cars and Motorcycles
The car collectors opened the Arkhangelsk Museum of Cars and Motorcycles in 2017. More than one hundred vehicles are on display, covering the area of 1650 m2. 18 cars and 98 motorcycles, produced from 1933 to 2004, are featured, most of them are in working order.

Some of the most valuable exhibits are two Soviet sedans - Chaika and armoured Zil 41. Zil is more than 6 metres long.

You can also see American military vehicles Dodge and Jeep, which were supplied to the Soviet Union via Arkhangelsk under the lend lease program/

Address: 19 Voskresenskaya St., Arkhangelsk (undeground parking)

Schedule: Thursday-Sunday 11:00-19:00