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Central Market

Arkhangelsk residents take pleasure buying products in this market as it sells them fresh. Fish stalls are a tourist attraction and sell Arkhangelsk delicacies - freshly caught sterlet, cod, halibut, turbot. White Sea herring so beloved by local people, and, of course, sea ruff, a perfect beer snack. You will also be offered locally caught salmon which is considered to be tastier than commonly eaten orwegian one. Not only will hospitable Arkhangelsk sellers help you choosing fish, but they will also salt it for you so that you might have it ready by the time of meal. Fish, however, is not the only tourist attraction here. The market also offers dried mushrooms, famous northern berries - 'exotic' cloudberry (also known as northern amber raspberry), cowberry, cranberry - and northern honey. All products are daily tested in the Central Market's laboratory.

Address: 2, Chumbarov Luchinsky Avenue