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Voyages along the Northern Dvina

     We invite you to an exciting voyage on the N.V. Gogol paddle steamer!
     Commissioned by the Northern Shipping Society, the N.V. Gogol paddle steamer was built by Nizhny Novgorod Sormovsky Factory in 1911 and was last overhauled in 1994-1996. Ship-builders carefully overhauled all mechanisms, installed the new equipment and completely changed the cabin interior to make the ship more comfortable. The thirty passenger cabins accommodate fifty-three passengers. Tourists and holidaymakers will be offered a lounge, a companion cabin, a sauna and a bar with music concerts and other leisure activities.
     A trip on board the N.V. Gogol steamer will also introduce you to the beauty of the northern nature. The voyages along the Northern Dvina usually take place on holidays and festive occasions such as City Day or Navy Day. During the voyage, tourists will be offered an interesting cultural programme.

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