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The Pisakhov Museum opened in Arkhangelsk

Stepan Pisakhov’s name is known to everybody in Arkhangelsk from babies to adults, and thanks to a cartoon “Laughter and sorrow by the White Sea” where his fairytales were told on screen, he was loved by all of Russia. Being an artist, a fairy-tale writer, an explorer of the North, a traveler he jokingly called himself “one of the sights of Arkhangelsk”.

The museum consists of eight halls, each of them has its own design. The paintings and graphic works by Stepan Pisakhov, which are supplemented by letters, manuscripts, books, personal belongings and photos, form the core of the exhibit. Thanks to audio effects, you can listen to some parts of Pisakhov’s fairytales.

Address: 10 Pomorskaya Str.
Open: 10:00-17:00
Days off: Monday, Tuesday
Tickets: 10:00-16:15